Learning About Vet Care For Small Animals

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Why Subcutaneous Fluid Boluses for Cats Aren't as Scary as You Think

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If your cat has kidney disease, there’s a strong chance that your veterinarian will suggest that you perform fluid boluses on your cat. This is an injection of saline solution that will help your cat’s weakened kidneys to process waste material from their blood. While it’s a helpful procedure that can prolong the life of a cat, it’s something that pet owners also struggle with, as they don’t want to hurt their cat. Read More»

Why Dogs Have Seizures And What You Can Do

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Humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer seizures. Dogs can experience them too. When a dog has a seizure, he may lose control of his bodily functions, fall to the ground, and even foam at the mouth. While it’s scary to watch your precious pooch go through something like that, rest assured that he is not in any pain. Also, know that a dog can fully recover from a seizure and live a perfectly normal life. Read More»

3 Things Your Avian Veterinarian Wants You To Know

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If you’ve become a first-time bird owner, you need to find a qualified avian veterinarian with experience in treating birds. Because companion birds are physiologically and behaviorally different from domestic dogs and cats, you should familiarize yourself with their needs and common dangers to avoid. For instance, everyday household products can be toxic to your feathered friend, commercialized bird diets may be lacking nutrients and boredom can create self-destructive habits. Here are 3 important considerations your avian vet wants you to know: Read More»

Move Over Dogs. Heartworm Disease In Cats Is On The Rise

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It’s nearly spring. Time to trade in the snow shovels for lawn rakes, break out the shorts and flip flops, and stock up on mosquito repellent. The upcoming onslaught of mosquitos means it’s also time for your annual visit to the veterinarian for your dog’s heartworm test and preventative medicine. But it might be a good idea to include your cat on that mission. Although much less common, your cat can be affected, even fatally, by heartworm disease, so it’s a good idea to learn all you can about this parasite. Read More»

3 Scary Diseases Your Dog Can Get From Ticks

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Ticks are small arachnids that feed on blood and are often encountered in forests or other areas with thick vegetation. It’s well known that ticks can give humans lots of diseases, but many people don’t realize that dogs are also at risk. A bite from a tick can transmit dangerous diseases to your dog, causing severe sickness or even death. Here are three diseases to watch out for. Lyme Disease Read More»