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4 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

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If your dog pulls on the leash excessively when you take them on walks, you need to help your dog kick this habit. Pulling on the leash could actually harm your dog and hurt their neck. Here are three tricks you can try to help your dog become more accepting of the leash that will keep both you and your dog safe.

Use A Training Collar

One way to change your dog's habits is by changing the leash that you use. Try to us a training collar or harnesses. Training harnesses are designed to go over your dog's chest. These harnesses allow you greater control and help keep your dog by your side instead of in front of you when you take a walk. Additionally, using a training harness takes away the pressure that is put on your dog's neck when you walk them with a lease and redistribute that pressure over a large and stronger area on your dog.

Use Stop & Go Training Trick

When you are walking with your dog, use the stop and go training trick to get them to stick by your side. When you are walking, if your dog starts to walk in front of you, just stop walking. Wait for your dog to stop and come back to your side. Then, when your dog is not pulling on the leash anymore and is waiting for you, start walking again.

Doing this stop and go trick will teach your dog that when they try to pull ahead, they don't get to go anywhere. Be consistent with this trick, and your dog should eventually stop pulling on the leash so often and stay by your side.

Reward Your Dog

Finally, you can get your dog to stay by your side by rewarding them. A few time during your walk, when your dog is walking by your side or when they make eye contact with you while walking, stop and give your dog a treat. When you do this, stop, have your dog sit, and give them a reward.

If these three tricks don't work or if you need more assistance, talk to your vet about any other tips or tricks that could work with your dog and get them to listen better and be safer when you take them on walks. You may also want to consult with a trainer to learn more tips and tricks for training your dog so you can enjoy taking your dog out on walks. For more information, contact a business such as Robert Irelan DVM