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Recently Adopted Your First Rabbit? 3 Reasons To Schedule A Vet Visit Right Away

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Adopting a rabbit may like less work than if you were to adopt a cat or a dog, but there are many similarities to consider when you want them in the best health possible. If you've recently adopted a rabbit and brought them home, it's a good idea to look into scheduling a visit to the vet as soon as possible. Instead of rushing to a vet at the first sign of a medical issue, making an appointment right after you bring your new rabbit home can help you get familiar with your local vet and help you make sure that they're healthy.

Some Cities Require Licensing

While this may not contribute to their overall health, one reason to visit the vet may be to get your rabbit licensed. Some cities require licensing for most larger pets, including rabbits, making it important to get them properly licensed shortly after you've adopted a rabbit. Licensing may also be necessary if you're interested in meet-ups with other rabbit owners, bringing your rabbit to a boarding facility, or intend on bringing them outside for a walk with a harness. 

Spaying or Neutering Can Be Essential

Like many larger animals, choosing to spay and neuter (depending on the sex of your pet) can make an enormous difference in the likeliness of your rabbit having health issues later in life. Spaying, for example, can reduce cancer that originates in the ovaries or uterus for your rabbit. Both spaying and neutering can also be effective at curbing negative behaviors, making them smart moves if you want your rabbit to be as healthy as possible and to have a good temperament. It's important to note, however, that spaying or neutering shouldn't be done to senior rabbits due to increased health concerns during the procedure.

Get Professional Advice on Rabbit Care

From picking out the ideal food to determining how much exercise your rabbit needs, a visit to the vet can help you get professional advice on rabbit care. If you're concerned about your rabbit getting the best care possible, a vet can help you get more knowledge on what kind of food to feed your rabbit, among other things, that will all impact the kind of care your rabbit gets.

Scheduling a visit to the vet may not seem necessary when you've just adopted a rabbit. If you're used to only taking your pets to the vet when there are medical issues, consider the above reasons why an appointment to the vet can be a smart idea after adopting a rabbit.