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A Closer Look At The Advanced Options Of Modern Veterinary Patient Monitors

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Whether your veterinarian clinic treats only small animals and livestock or exotic pets and birds, one of the most important things you have in your treatment room is the patient monitors. These monitors are used to record vital statistics when animals are in treatment or recovery, so having several on hand is a must in your practice. If you are still using outdated versions of veterinary patient monitors, it may be time to consider upgrading to the latest models. These pieces of medical equipment have seen a lot of upgrades in the last several years. Take a look at some of the advanced options with modern veterinary patient monitors that you should know about. 

Touch Screen Operation 

Most of the older patient monitors used in a veterinarian setting have an array of different buttons on an interface that are used for different functions, whether it is changing between screens or checking past data reports. However, more modern monitors are usually equipped with touch screens. While this may not sound like much, it makes navigation from one function to the next much easier, and even more important, much faster to accomplish. Plus, because the navigation is done on screen, the unit itself can be smaller because there is no need for so many function buttons. 

Stellar Data Management 

Perhaps the most appreciable advance in veterinary patient monitors is the fact that modern systems are capable of streaming, storing, and transferring data much more efficiently than older versions. Many of the older versions of these monitors were only capable of holding recorded data from patients for a short time frame. Some weren't even capable of transmitting data, only printing it. With modern monitors, you can store several days worth of data on several different animals, transfer data from the monitor to the main in-house computer system, and print if needed. 

Highly Transportable 

Portable patient monitors have been a thing for a while because in veterinary medicine, being mobile often just comes with the territory of treating animals. However, because technology has allowed for electronic systems to be much smaller, some of the newest versions are far more transportable than ever before and far more efficient at being portable. For example, you may find a new monitor that is small enough to fit right in your vet bag and will last several hours with just one charge because it has an upgraded lithium-ion battery.