Learning About Vet Care For Small Animals

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Fungal Infections In Dogs' Ears: An Owner's Guide

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If your dogs is scratching his ears a lot and you’re noticing redness and swelling in the area, he probably has a fungal infection in his ears. Sometimes, the fungi may also cause an odor or some flaking skin. While fungal infections of the ear may seem gross and are certainly uncomfortable for your dog, they are pretty common and easily treatable. Here’s what you need to know about this common form of dog care. Read More»

4 Ways To Keep Your Dog From Pulling On The Leash

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If your dog pulls on the leash excessively when you take them on walks, you need to help your dog kick this habit. Pulling on the leash could actually harm your dog and hurt their neck. Here are three tricks you can try to help your dog become more accepting of the leash that will keep both you and your dog safe. Use A Training Collar One way to change your dog’s habits is by changing the leash that you use. Read More»

Old-Age Got Your Dog Suffering From Arthritis? 4 Steps To Make It More Comfortable

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Arthritis doesn’t just affect aging adults. It’s a condition that can also affect aging dogs. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell you when they’re in pain. It’s up to you to recognize the symptoms and seek medical attention for them. If your dog is growing older, and having a difficult time moving around without difficultly, it’s time talk to your veterinarian. Here are some steps you can take to help your dog overcome the discomfort of arthritis. Read More»

Five Signs Your Ferret Needs Emergency Veterinary Care

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Like all living things, ferrets get sick on occasion; much of the time, the illness isn’t serious and will pass on its own or with care from a veterinarian. For example, the appearance of a sneeze or cough is not necessarily an indicator of dire illness and may be self-limiting or curable under the care of a veterinarian. However, there are some illnesses that afflict ferrets that are life-threatening, and they represent a true veterinary emergency as a result. Read More»

First Aid Procedures For Your Pet In The Event Of An Emergency

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Emergencies happen for all types of reasons, but when they happen to your furry buddy, it can be difficult to know what is wrong and what to do. It’s our job as pet parents to take good care of our fur babies, so knowing what to in the event of one of those emergencies is extremely important. See below for some basic first aid procedures in the event an emergency strikes at your house. Read More»